About Us

Our Mission

Milestones of Development Inc. is a non-profit organization, serving adults with developmental disabilities.  Milestones is comprised of 4 Intermediate Care Facilities, an adult day program with a medical model component and transportation services.  High quality employees, promotion of independence through person centered planning and habilitative support services, are provided in a safe, compassionate and nurturing community setting.  Our unique environment of highly qualified staff, superior facilities and family involvement honors the individuals we serve with the focus on their strengths and abilities.

Our Vision

Milestones is recognized as an outstanding leader among community-based organizations serving individuals with developmental disabilities and has a reputation for excellent quality services.  Milestones is devoted to providing innovative services, financial solvency, continual staff training, maintenance of facilities, and advocacy; to move Milestones forward in the community.

Home and Community Based Services

Milestones received a grant from DDS (Department of Developmental Services) effective July 1, 2019, to assist Milestones’ day program to come into compliance with the HCBS (Home and Community Based Services) through the new Federal Requirements.  Milestones will work with a Person-Centered Consultant to assist with compliance prior to the March 2022 deadline.  Milestones’ staff are excited about providing expanded informed choices for participants and increasing community work and activities per choice.

Our History

Milestones of Development INC was renamed from Jody and His Friends in 1985 as new management emerged.  At that time Milestones operated 5 Intermediate Care Facilities Developmentally Disabled Habilitative (ICF-DDH) homes for children and young adults.  Milestones also operated school programs within some of the home programs as the current public-school platform was not able to accommodate all of the individuals living in the homes.  In 1993, Milestones opened a small day program, as some of the individuals served in the home school programs were graduating at the age of 22 and therefore eligible for day program attendance.  The day program was licensed for 21 participants.  Milestones continued to get more referrals for day program services and thus searched for a larger building.

Day program and offices opened December 1997 at 1 Florida St. in Vallejo.  We grew from 21 participants at day program to over 80 with a medical component that was added in 2008.  Milestones also provides transportation and most of the vehicles have been acquired through 5310 grants from Cal Trans.